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The short version is that I’m a somewhat snarky Boomer (is there any other kind?) (see what I did there?) who wants to help other retirees – regardless of their age (hello, FIRE crowd!) – to possibly make a few extra dollars online and to tell them what I do with my “excess” money.

No magic here. Be prepared to do some work. As my parents used to say, money doesn’t grow on trees.

Also be prepared for horrible dad jokes. I’ve earned the right and you know you like them!

This site in and of itself is a marketing lesson so expect it.

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P.S. – While some of the stuff on this website might make you want to jump in and get started right away, please understand that this site is simply what I am doing, what I’ve done in the past, and what I might do in the future. I make no promises that you’ll get any positive results from “doing what I did” (and remember, right now, I’m probably just some stranger you met on the Internet; are you sure you want to take what I’m saying as “solid advice”?) and you, and you alone, assume any and all risks associated with taking action on anything you read here.