I’m a Boomer with a Gen X wife and a couple of Gen Z teens still living somewhere in the house (I only see them when the Internet connection goes out).

We live in a divided world. I think part of this is because instead of living the wisdom, principles, and teaching and instruction in Scripture, we want to force others to do it. But they taught me in my Army days that you have to lead by example, so if you want to change the world, you have to start by changing yourself.

My premise is simple: I want to show you what I’m learning, how I’m doing it, and the difference it’s making in my life. Perhaps you’ll want to do the same.

I think “worship” is actually obeying and doing the things we learn in Scripture, 24×7. It’s easy to sing 3 songs on Sunday morning and call it “worship” but… well, that’s a topic for an article but I don’t think it’s worship.

So, pull up a chair on my front porch and listen to this young-ish Boomer if you wish.