I don’t publicly post my name but it’s not hard to figure it out. Sign up for my email list and it’s even easier. For now, just call me “Tom” because that’s my name.

I’m a Boomer with a Gen X wife and a couple of Gen Z teens still living somewhere in the house (I only see them when the Internet connection goes out).

My premise is simple: I want to show you how to earn a few extra dollars every month if you’re retired and are willing to work.

I do this from the premise that you have a few extra hours during the day that you’re willing to devote to this. It might work if you have a job (e.g. you might be able to do some of this at night) or it might not. You’re welcome to try, of course.

See my “Revenue” page to learn more about my financing philosophy for this site. In short, what you see on the blog is free but I have to charge for some things – and my time is never free.

One last note: I live in the United States, so this website is 100% oriented towards people who live in the United States. I welcome non-US visitors but keep in mind you’ll have to “translate” a lot of this to fit your country’s situation.

So, pull up a chair on my front porch and listen to this young-ish Boomer if you wish.