Since this is a site about making money online, I want to lay out my philosophy for making money from this website.

  • What you see on the website itself is free – articles, posts, etc.
  • Email list subscribers will get access to more free stuff. I’m constantly adding to this list of free stuff as I find it.
  • Outside of what I post here, if you want my time, you have to pay for it.
    • If I write something that I intend to sell to the public, I’ll probably sell it pretty cheap since many people will pay for it.
    • If I do something in a group setting, the price will reflect that. In other words, the fewer people in the group, the more it will cost.
    • If you want individual consulting, that will cost the most, and even that will depend on how we do it (e.g. a Facetime call would cost more than email only consulting).
      • And in individual consulting, if you agree to a long-term retainer-type contract, it would also cost less.

I intend to show you how to make money without spending a penny on the stuff I’m selling and promoting for others. But my intent is to always sell and promote products that will help you “get there” faster.

If I sell a product that I created, I’ll make that clear. If I promote a product for which I’ll receive a referral commission, I’ll make it clear – and I also promise to not promote such products if I wouldn’t buy it myself.

See my website legal terms of service for more information.